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       Welcome to Fillmore Hollow Waterfowl

Here at Fillmore Hollow we have been raising waterfowl for about twenty years. We currently raise about thirty species of ornamental ducks, geese, and swans.We also keep a few varieties of ornamental pheasant, quail and a variety of chickens. On this site you will find the species we raise and the prices of the birds. You will also find some of the carvings I do of our birds.


                                                                                 North American Ruddy 

We do have a few birds available year round, but most species sell out by early fall. To check on available birds go to our price list page.

                                                                                        Common Eider

We ship birds starting in October via Express Mail, and Air Freight. For more info on shipping go to our shipping page. If you are considering having birds shipped please read the entire Shipping page.

                                                                         Common Merganser Pair

We are both State and Federal licensed and all birds are sold with all the required paperwork.

                                                                                    Redbreasted Goose

                All photos on this site were taken at our farm and any use of these photos without permission is prohibited.         














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