Due to weekly changes in availability of birds the best way to check on available birds is to contact us by e-mail. We do take orders for birds and they are filled in the order they are receive.  This is the best way to get certain species as the demand for some of them is greater than the numbers we raise.

Our e-mail address  can be found at the bottom of this page When e-mailing us please put waterfowl in the subject so we respond as soon as possible.

We do not require deposits when placing an order, and we will contact you on availability based on the number of orders we received and the number of birds raised. If we cannot meet all the orders taken we will contact you and you will have the option of being placed on the top of the next years orders.

We try not to take more orders than we expect to fill but sometimes this does happen and we will contact you as soon as we know.

We do attend several Michigan Bird & Game  Breeder swaps here in Michigan, as well as the Mt Hope Ohio Exotic Auction, and the Wisconsin Bird & Game Breeders  fall swap  in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin. We will deliver birds to any of these sales or swaps to save you on shipping cost. We also welcome you to stop by and pick up your birds.




                                                                Contact us at




The best time to place an order is late winter to early spring.  We begin hatching in late March.

Most birds are ready by late July, but we do not start shipping until October. We will hold the birds until September when we will contact you to arrange for shipment. For more information on shipping visit our shipping info.







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