Fillmore Hollow is a small hobby farm located in West Michigan. We started building the house two years after we were married in 1989. Over the next several years we added numerous out buildings and barns. We expanded our family as well to include four sons, all of whom  have a varied interest in our hobby as well.   

We have kept a variety of birds and animals over the last fifteen years including ducks, geese, pheasants, sheep, and deer but with the boys getting older and schedules more complex we decided to concentrate on the waterfowl. We now keep about thirty species of ducks and geese and a few pheasants and quail. We enjoy sharing our hobby with others and have several schools that bring some of their younger classes to see the birds. 

As a boy I grew up on a hobby farm.  My father kept a wide variety of animals on the farm as I was growing up. I always enjoyed the waterfowl he had and shortly after building our house we acquired a pair of Wood ducks from him and the addiction started. We started with a small pen that had a plastic kids pool and have expanded to about an acre of netted avairies and fifteen concrete ponds along with a 3/4 acre natural pond that is not covered with netting.

  We attend a variety of swaps and sales every year in several different states which we all enjoy.

The main reason we decided to put this site together is to share the birds with others. We hope you enjoy the pictures and information on this site.



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