We keep a variety chickens both standard and bantams as well as a few domestic turkeys. We do sell hatching eggs from the chickens from April-June. For availability and pricing of hatching eggs contact us at skuyers@gmail.com 

                             Silver-Laced Wyandottes 



Silver Duckwing Pheonix a heritage breed and a favorite for exhibition. The roosters tail feathers can reach three to four feet long. They lay a small very light tan egg. They do go broody easily and are very good setters.





                                        Columbian Wyandotte 




Blue Andalusians oginated in Spain. They are a colorful bird with slate blue feathers laced with a darker blue. They lay a medium white egg and are good layers not going broody very often. With the blue color gene the offspring may be blue, black, or splash.




                               Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte 



Bantam Breeds 

Old English Game

Old English Game bantams originated in England many years ago, but have become a favorite at poultry shows accross the US. They are a hardy, vigorous breed and come in a large variety of colors. 

                                                   Lemon Blue  OEG

                                                         Creole  OEG

                                                         Mottled  OEG

                                                  Black-tailed Buff  OEG














Belgium D'anvers are one of the true bantam breeds as there is no standard size of the breed. They are a tame active bantam a real pleasure to keep. Although some roosters can become aggressive to other roosters as well as there keeper. They come in a variety of colors and are great exhibition bantams.

                                                       Porcelain D'anver 




Sebright bantams are the only chicken that is "hen feathered" that is the roosters have no pointed feathers in the hackle,saddle or tail. They have beautiful lacing and are one of the most popular bantam breeds. 

                                                         Silver Sebright 










Brahmas are a slightly larger bantam, but great bird for exhibition with there feathered feet. They are a very calm chicken and not very flightly. One of our favorites to keep. 


 Silver-Laced Wyandottes are the original Wyandottes. A very colorful heavy breed great for exhibition. They lay a medium size egg which varies from light to medium brown in color. They very cold hardy and good layers laying straight through the winter.




                                  Silver Duckwing Pheonix 




Columbian Wyandottes resemble the Silver-Laced in shape and size but have a unique coloring of black and white with greenish tails. They lay a medium brown egg and the hens are good setters.








                                                  Blue Andalusian



Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are probably one of most colorful of all the Wyandottes. The red feathers with slate blue lacing are a beautiful contrast. As with alot of the blue color genes the chicks will be blue, black or splash. They lay a medium brown egg. 
















                                                           Red Pyle  OEG

                                                           Spangled  OEG

                                                   Silver Duckwing  OEG

                                                        Columbian  OEG

                                                           Self Blue  OEG











                                                       Millie Fluer D'anver 









                                                      Gold Sebright 









                                                           Buff Brahma