All prices are for pairs singles are half of pair price. Prices are subject to change.


Wood ducks                                 65.00  sold out

Apricot Wood ducks                    100.00  Sold out

Mandarin                                       80.00  Available

White Mandarin                          160.00  sold out

Red head                                      65.00  sold out

Pintail                                             65.00  sold out

Am Widgeon                                 70.00  sold out

Eu Widgeon                                  80.00  sold out

Cinnamon Teal                             60.00  sold out

Bluewing Teal                               60.00  Sold out

Greenwing Teal                           80.00    sold out

Ring Teal                                       65.00  Sold Out

Biakal Teal                                   400.00  Sold Out

Silver Teal                                    200.00  Sold Out

Ruddy Duck                                 200.00 Sold out 

Ringneck Duck                            150.00 Sold out

Shovelers                                       75.00 Sold out

Lesser Scaup                              160.00  Sold out

Greater Scaup                             200.00  sold out

Falcated                                       200.00  sold out

Am Goldeneye                            200.00  sold out

Barrows Goldeneye                   250.00  sold out

Smew                                           400.00  Sold Out

Bufflehead                                   500.00  Sold Out

Marble Teal                                   60.00 Sold out

Gadwall                                          50.00  Sold out


     Canvasback               200.00 Sold Out

    Hooded Merganser       150.00 Sold Out



    Barnacle                    150.00  Sold out

    Emperor                       400.00   Sold Out

    Redbreasted              1200.00  Sold Out

    Cackling Canada         125.00  Sold Out

    Lesser Whitefront         400.00  Soldout



    Mute Swans                 400.00  Sold Out


    Elliots                               130.00  Sold out

    Impeyan                          300.00 sold out 

      Red Golden                     65..00   Available 

     Yellow Golden                65.00   Available

       Lady Amherst                 75.00   Available


    California Valley             25.00   Sold Out

    Valley                               25.00  Sold Out

    Blue Scaled                   25.00    Sold Out

    Snow Flake                     50.00  Sold Out

    Bobwhite                         20.00  Sold Out

    Mountain                                       100.0 Sold Out

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