Shipping Information: 

Here in Michigan we start shipping in October and ship through the middle of May. There are periods of time in January and Feburary that it get too cold here to ship. We also stop shipping from the middle of December until January first, as shipments can get delayed with all the holiday mail. We do most of are shipping via Express Mail through the U. S. Post Office. We also can ship via Air Freight although a very fast service this runs considerably more than Express Mail.                                                                                                      

Shipping costs are a flat rate that covers the cost of the shipping containers and the postage. Please be patient when waiting for a shipping date, birds can handle cold weather much better than warm weather and we will not ship if the weather may jeopardize the birds safety. We always ask you include a phone number for us to put on the shipment as most post offices will call even before they open in the morning if asked to let you know your shipment has arrived. This is very useful service they provide for us and we recommend you do not ask for any reimbursements for shipments arriving late as long as the birds are all right.

We guarantee live delivery to your post office.

 If any bird arrives at your Post Office deceased we will refund the price of the bird or birds if the following conditions are met.

1. Birds must be picked up from the Post Office no later than three hours after they are available for pick up.

2. Birds must be checked before you leave the Post Office.

3. If you have a loss you need to file 

PS form 1000(7530-02-000-9931) with your Post Office.

4. A copy of this form and a photo of the dead bird(s) must be e-mailed to us within 12 hours of pick up.

We will not issue refunds if any of these steps are not followed.

Birds must be picked up from the post office no later than 3 hrs after they are available for pick up.

Birds must be checked before you leave the post office.

If you have any losses you will need to file  PS form 1000 (7530-02-000-9931) with your post office. This will need to be done at the time you are picking up the birds, two copies of this form need to be turned in to the post office, you will keep one copy. 

Please then e-mail a copy of the form along with photo of the bird to us within 12 hrs of the time you received the birds.


We will not issue refunds in the following circumstances:

Birds were not picked up from the post office within 3 hrs of being available for pick up.

If we are notified of losses more than 12 hrs after the birds are received.

IF PS 1000 (7530-02-000-9931) was not filed correctly as outlined above

or if photo and/or copy of form from post office is not provided


Express Mail is either next day or 2nd day delivery depending on where we are shipping to. We use only post office approved shipping containers which are made by Horizon. We ship on Monday or Tuesday to make sure the birds arrive before the weekend, and do not ship during a week that the post office is closed for a day. Weather is a big factor in shipping, it has to be suitable on both ends. We will contact you before shipping to make sure you are available to pick the birds up. We recommend contacting your post office to let them know you have live birds coming in.


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